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The Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) is the professional association and union uniting doctors and dentists in New Zealand.

Cancer patients wait more than two months for first treatment

Other News 29 August 2016

Almost a third of MidCentral District Health Board’s new cancer patients are having to wait more than two months to start treatment. Data from the DHB shows that between April and June, 31 people had to wait longer than 62 days for their first cancer treatment. The Ministry of Health set the 62-day mark as it aims to speed up the cancer treatment process. The ministry’s goal was to have 85 per cent of patients attended to in that timeframe. But with only 75 out of …

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Secret document leaks show Jeremy Hunt’s deception over the seven-day NHS

Other News 29 August 2016
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It’s 4am. When your heart arrests and the emergency call goes out, what you really don’t want is a doctor whose first response to your crisis is a silent stream of expletives. You don’t want the person racing to your bedside to be so exhausted they can barely think straight. And you definitely don’t want them to be pumping your chest while wondering what to do with the patient pile-up threatening to overrun the unit from where they’ve just sprinted. …

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Secret documents reveal official concerns over ‘seven-day NHS’ plans

Other News 29 August 2016

The health service has too few staff and too little money to deliver the government’s promised “truly seven-day NHS” on time and patients may not notice any difference even if it happens, leaked Department of Health documents reveal, reports The Guardian. Confidential internal DH papers drawn up for Jeremy Hunt and other ministers in late July show that senior civil servants trying to deliver what was a totemic Conservative pledge in last year’s general election have uncovered 13 major “risks” to it. While …

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New Zealand College of Midwives conference, Auckland

Other News 26 August 2016
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Speech from Jonathan Coleman – NZ College of Midwives conference, Auckland Introduction It’s great to be here today to open the New Zealand College of Midwives 14th biennial national conference. I’d like to acknowledge the New Zealand College of Midwives Auckland region for hosting the conference, as well as the keynote speakers. Midwifery contribution The birth of a child is the most important event in life for most Kiwis. There are close to 60,000 new births annually in New Zealand. …

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Executive Direct – Issue 2016-2

26 April 2016

Dear Member This is the second issue for 2016 of our electronic publication, Executive Direct, to report to members on National Executive news. It is sent to members after each Executive meeting. This Direct reports on the Executive meeting held on 14 April and will also be available on the ASMS website: The next regular Executive meeting is scheduled for 7 July. National DHB MECA negotiations Payroll Record membership year

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ASMS Direct – Issue 2016-3

17 May 2016
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