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The Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) is the professional association and union uniting doctors and dentists in New Zealand.

Ideology behind the case against sugar taxes

Other News 29 April 2016
Coca Cola

Last week a corporate-funded think tank released a report opposing taxes on junk food, alcohol and cigarettes. No surprises there. The only surprise is that the New Zealand Initiative, an organisation that purports to use economic evidence, argues that junk food taxes ‘don’t work’. Read the full article at:

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ANZCA – Gasbag April 2016

Other News 29 April 2016

  NZ chair’s comment Reflecting on a College contribution Gary (Dr Gary Hopgood, Chair of ANZCA’s NZ National Committee) has asked me to reflect a little on my time with NZNC – a wise leader delegates whenever possible and being retired did not seem to cut it as an excuse. I won’t even try to emulate Gary’s eloquence, or try to match the obscure ass-washing legislation he enlightened us with last time. When I bowed out of cardiac anaesthesia at Waikato …

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Executive Direct – Issue 2015-4

16 September 2015

This is the fourth issue for 2015 of our electronic publication, Executive Direct, to report to members on National Executive news. It is sent to members after each Executive meeting. This Direct reports on the Executive meeting held on 10 September: next year’s national DHB MECA negotiations; ASMS Annual Conference; Medical Council recertification draft statement; DHB SMOS Salary Survey; Council of Trade Unions National Affiliates Council; Collective bargaining with non-DHB employers; Other matters; ASMS Branch Representatives: next Executive meeting; National Executive: Regional Representatives.

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ASMS Direct – Issue No. 2016-1

17 Feb 2016

Dear Member Welcome to the first issue for 2016 of ASMS Direct, our national electronic publication. You can also keep in touch with the latest news and views on health issues relevant to public hospital specialists via our website, which contains links (at the top of the home page) to our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, as well as our quarterly magazine The Specialist. We’re also on Twitter at 1. Joint ASMS-Medical Students Association conference: …

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Welcome to the ASMS video page.  Here you’ll find a selection of video interviews with people who have played pivotal roles with the ASMS, as well as videos of conference addresses and other significant presentations. Hot topics Prof Martin McKee to Northland DHB ASMS Annual Conferences and Events 2015 Annual Conference 2014 Annual Conference 25th Anniversary Conference Past Presidents and Life Members ASMS History and Recollections Hot topics  Trans Pacific Partnership …

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