We are the union for senior salaried doctors and dentists.

We promote, protect and support the interests of our members in all aspects of their working lives. We are working for an equitable, accessible public health care system that meets the needs of all New Zealanders.

  • ASMS Executive roll call

ASMS Executive roll call

ASMS has put together a list of members who have sat on the National Executive since the Association was formed 30 years ago.
Alan Donoghue National Secretary
Alastair Macdonald
Allen Fraser National President
Andrew Darby
Andrew Ewens Vice President
Andrew Munro
Andrew Robinson
Angela Freschini
Ann Hewitt
Annette van Zeist-Jongman
Anthony Duncan
Bernard Hyne
Brian Craig National Secretary
Carolyn Fowler
David Galler Vice President
David Jones Vice President
Don Palmer
Frank Rawlinson
Gail Robinson
Geoff Long
George Downward National President
Hein Stander National President
Himadri Seth
Iain Morle
Ian Sutherland
Jeannette McFarlane
Jeff Brown National President
Jeff Hoskins
Jim Judson Vice President
John Bonning
John Currie
John Hawke National President
John Macdonald
Judy Bent
Julian Fuller Vice President
Julian Vyas National President
Julie Prior
Kai Haidekker
Katie Ben
Mark Chapman
Mark Fraundorfer National Secretary
Mark Lawrence
Murray Barclay National President
Nathalie de Vries National Secretary
Nigel Huston
Paul Wilson National Secretary
Peter Binns
Peter Roberts National President
Rob Robertson
Seton Henderson
Sylvia Boys
Tim Frendin
Tony Waghorn
Trevor Fitzjohn
Troben Iversen