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We promote, protect and support the interests of our members in all aspects of their working lives. We are working for an equitable, accessible public health care system that meets the needs of all New Zealanders.

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Yours sincerely, disgruntled

17 August 2021 Blog - Letter to the Minister

One of our members has written a letter to the Health Minister Andrew Little, outlining their personal frustrations over workload, health workforce shortages and the position taken by DHBs and the Government in the MECA negotiations. We have anonymised it but it is a clear example of how our hospital doctors are feeling.

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Covid-19: Up close and personal

10 March 2021 Dr Julian Fuller

ASMS Vice President Dr Julian Fuller left New Zealand late last year to visit his dying brother in South Africa and contracted Covid-19. He returned to New Zealand last month and used some of his time in managed isolation to write about his experience.

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Institutional racism – our duty of care to patients and staff

21 August 2020 Blog - Dr Julian Vyas

ASMS National Executive member and Auckland Starship Hospital paediatrician Dr Julian Vyas writes about how racial bias in the New Zealand healthcare system may not only affect health outcomes, but can also affect minority ethnic healthcare workers. He argues that tackling systemic racism requires action at both an organisational and individual level.  He asks all health staff to reflect on their own workplace, to be open to the possibility of subconscious bias existing and how it may affect colleagues.

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Abortion law reform: what it means for us

18 June 2020 Dr Beth Messenger - National Medical Advisor, Family Planning

After more than 40 years of an abortion law that put unnecessary legal barriers between women and their health providers, New Zealand has finally righted a wrong and introduced a new legal framework so abortion can be treated as a health issue, not a criminal one. So, what does this mean in practice? What does it mean for the thousands of women and pregnant people who seek abortions each year due to an unintended pregnancy? What does it mean for …

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Talking telehealth beyond Covid-19

5 June 2020 Dr Julian Vyas

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant a rapid increase in the use of IT to support distance consultation through telehealth. ASMS National Executive member and Auckland paediatrician Dr Julian Vyas has been thinking about the implications for members.

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Does the planet needs us to travel less?

19 March 2020 Rob Burrell, Martin Minehan - ASMS Members

Kiwis are a well-travelled people. The OE and the obligatory mid-winter Fiji or skiing family holiday have become part of our lives. And Kiwi doctors are particularly well-travelled. This is partly by necessity to remain up to date in our knowledge, skills, and practice. We are very distant from almost every major centre of medical innovation, and access to specialised education and training often involves leaving New Zealand. At the same time, New Zealand doctors love to travel for the …

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Hospitals or hothouses?

3 March 2020 Sarah Dalton - ASMS Executive Director

This morning Newstalk ZB wanted to talk to me – at 5.30am!! They are following up on an RNZ piece about Hawkes Bay Hospital and how hot it gets in summer. Fine. I woke up early and talked about how hot it is; and how bad that is. Less than five minutes of my time. But it can’t stop there. Some wards at Hastings Hospital are topping 30 degrees. Like the Nurses Organisation and the Resident Doctors’ Association – …

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It’s time to start counting the real costs of health rationing

30 January 2020 Sarah Dalton - ASMS Executive Director

I have never been a great fan of maths. I sometimes refer to myself as “not very maths-y.” It’s a self-concept that has always worked for me and — if I’m honest — I can’t think of a time when my relative ‘maths-less-ness’ has held me back. However, they say that all good things must come to an end and maybe I, too, need to reach for the abacus. Why? Because it’s time we started counting the real costs of …

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