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  • Clause 23

Clause 23


23.1  All employees shall be granted six weeks annual leave (pro rata for part time employees) on full pay. Subject to the provisions below, all annual leave shall be taken in accordance with the provisions of the Holidays Act 2003.

23.2  When an employee ceases their employment, the employer shall pay them for any outstanding and accrued annual leave, at their full rate of pay.

23.3  With the approval of the employer, annual leave may be taken in advance.

23.4  An employee with over 20 years’ current continuous service may apply to take one year’s annual leave in advance for the purpose of having an extended holiday such as an overseas trip.

23.5  Extra Leave for Shift Employees

This clause (23.5) applies only to Waikato, Hutt Valley, South Canterbury and Southern (in respect of all sites that were formerly part of the Otago DHB) District Health Boards.

Dental officers who work shifts and medical officers employed full-time in emergency departments and who work shifts that involve at least two additional hours worked outside the hours of 0700 to 2100 will, on completion of 12 months employment on shift work become entitled to additional leave according to the table below:

Number of duties per annum Number of days additional leave per annum
121 or more 5
96 – 120 4
71 – 95 3
46 – 70 2
21 – 45 1

A pro-rata entitlement will be given to dental officers who work part time.  Casual employees are not entitled to receive extra leave for doing shift work.

Provided that employees will not be disadvantaged by the implementation of the above.  Accordingly whatever entitlements they enjoyed under their previous applicable collective agreement will be preserved.