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Covid outbreak – we’re here to help!

25 August 2021 ASMS News

Kia kaha koutou! A big thank you to all ASMS members for being part of the frontline response to the latest Covid-19 outbreak. We are conscious of the pressures the outbreak places on you and your whānau. We want you to work safely. Our staff are working from home and ready to support members with any concerns or questions they may have. Below   is some guidance and advice which you might find helpful.


We understand that many services are re-running Covid simulations and plans. If these bring up issues or concerns, let us know. We may be able to assist.

While we know that this Covid outbreak poses particular challenges and can create a sense of urgency, there is always time to seek advice, and to ensure you are supported in decisions that will affect you either individually or as a collective.

Now is a time when it is most important to protect your working conditions and to ensure you can work safely.

Remember that we are always here to help, and to advocate for you.

DHB advice to employees

DHBs have put out advice to their employees in regard to Covid-19 in the form of FAQs. It covers issues such as travel, leave, occupational health and safety, and wellbeing.

Employee Related General FAQs from DHBs

*Please note that the advice around sick leave is not relevant to ASMS members who have their own sick leave provisions.

Change of duties or extra hours

Any changes to your rosters, patterns of work, or remuneration must be BY AGREEMENT. ASMS has advice to support you in this:

Changes of duties or extra hours during the Covid-19 emergency


We are waiting for updated advice on this. Last lockdown there were (eventually) childcare arrangements made for essential workforce. Currently there is nothing and everything is closed.

Vulnerable and workers over 70

National guidance for DHBs to reduce risk of infection of vulnerable or at-risk staff.

Don’t bring it home

The Covid-19 “don’t bring it home” printable resource. PDF

Medico-legal FAQs

MPS advice on protecting your health or working conditions


If you need support or assistance of any kind, or if you have any concerns, please contact us.

There are details on the website under the Contact Us tab.