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The Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) is the professional association and union uniting doctors and dentists in New Zealand.

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Why doctors need to join the fight against climate change

13 December 2018 World Medical Association

Reversing climate change could be the greatest health accomplishment of the 21st century, the President of the World Medical Association, Dr. Leonid Eidelman, said today. And doctors needed to be fully engaged. In an article in the US magazine ‘Fortune’ to coincide with the climate change summit in Poland, Dr. Eidelman writes that if doctors wanted to fully uphold the Declaration of Geneva’s creed that ‘the health and well-being of my patient will be my first consideration’, they needed to …

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Green Party investigation shows wide spread stigma around mental ill health and applying for work

12 December 2018 Media Release - Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

The Green Party has wrapped up its investigation into New Zealanders being potentially discriminated against for mental ill health whilst applying for work. The 59 submissions showed that potential discrimination may be occurring across the private and public sector, with large companies like Wishbone, Coca-Cola, Air New Zealand, New World, Countdown and PWC all being raised by New Zealanders for potential misconduct when managing mental ill health in the job application process. “This investigation demonstrates that there is a culture …

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Doctors walked off the job at five Wellington GP practices – more strikes planned

7 December 2018 Media Release - ASMS

Doctors at five Wellington general practices walked off the job for an hour this morning over the exclusion of their dentist colleagues from the collective employment agreement covering doctors. “We understand that no doctors were on duty for an hour from 9am today as part of a planned series of rolling stoppages,” says Lloyd Woods, Senior Industrial Officer at the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS). Twenty-one doctors at Iwi health provider practices in Porirua, Cannons Creek, Titahi Bay and …

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Stacey Kirk: Politics, money and lives – Govt torn three ways on mental health

5 December 2018 Opinion: Stacey Kirk - Stuff

OPINION: By the time the Government delivers its verdict on a sweeping mental health inquiry next year, 150-odd people might have killed themselves. That’s going by New Zealand’s average suicide rate, which has increased steadily every year for the past four years. It’s the most visceral reminder of a mental health service in crisis. And yet it’s only the symptom of a much wider issue at the heart of the inquiry’s report – that there is a massive gap in services at the lower to middle …

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Reaction to the Government’s release of the mental health and addiction report

4 December 2018 ASMS

Mental Health and Addiction report charts new direction

4 December 2018 Media Release - Health Minister Dr David Clark

Health Minister Dr David Clark says the Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to rethink how we handle some of the biggest challenges we face as a country. The Government has today publicly released the report of the Inquiry in full, less than a week after receiving it. “Mental health and addiction are issues for all New Zealanders. Every community and just about every family has someone in it that has lived with a mental health …

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Historic strike planned as Ora Toa GPs show solidarity with dentists

4 December 2018 Simon Maude - New Zealand Doctor

A PHO’s refusal to let dentists join a collective agreement has triggered what is believed to be New Zealand’s first–ever strike by GPs. Twenty-one GPs employed by Ora Toa PHO at five Wellington region practices willtake industrial action on six dates. Association of Salaried Medical Specialists senior industrial officer Lloyd Woods says GPs will hold five one-hour stoppages from 9am on 7, 10, 13, 18 and 19 December, followed by a full–day Christmas Eve strike. Ora Toa won’t let the GPs’ two dental colleagues join the collective agreement negotiated by ASMS, Mr Woods says in a media release. …

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NZMA supports call for safe staffing levels

4 December 2018 Media Release - NZMA

 The New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA) supports the call by Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) for safe staffing levels for senior doctors and urges the Government to address the workload pressures and burnout for all doctors regardless of whether they are working in our hospitals or in the community. “Our membership encompasses the entire health system and regardless of healthcare setting, the supply of doctors is insufficient to meet healthcare demands” said Dr Kate Baddock, NZMA Chair. “An accord …

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Cheaper visits to the doctor and free GP visits for under-14-year-olds begins tomorrow

30 November 2018 Jason Walls - New Zealand Herald

A suite of new Government health initiatives, which Jacinda Ardern says will make going to the doctor cheaper for more than half a million Kiwis, comes into effect tomorrow. From Saturday, December 1, up to 540,000 Community Service Card holders will receive cheaper doctor’s visits. In this year’s budget, the Government announced it would spend $363 million on making doctor’s visits $20-$30 cheaper for cardholders, as well as extending the eligibility for the Community Services Card to people receiving the …

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Persistent pain: One in five New Zealanders suffer and many can’t get good help

30 November 2018 Martin Johnston - New Zealand Herald

One in five New Zealanders live with persistent pain and the health system struggles to deal with the problem effectively, researchers say. Writing in today’s New Zealand Medical Journal, University of Otago psychology expert Dr Nicola Swain and colleagues say: “pain is extremely common and increasing in prevalence in New Zealand … and current biomedical treatment is often ineffective”. “Pain is stealing people’s lives. As we live longer and are more healthy, pain is an increasing issue,” said Swain. She said …

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