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Living on the Edge: Climate change’s influence on human health

12 January 2018 Deena Costa - Stuff

Climate change may be an  environmental crisis but the havoc it will play on human life could also be hefty.

By 2030, it is predicted 250,000 more people across the world will die from causes such as heat exposure, diarrhoea and  malaria while 500,000 more deaths will be linked to a reduction in the global food supply.

For New Zealand, a warmer climate will result in allergies becoming more common, and their symptoms worse, the reliability of drinking water coming into question, melanoma rates increasing along with the prevalence of  mosquito-borne diseases.

report from the Royal Society said the mental health of New Zealanders could also come under strain as they face off against more frequent extreme weather events, including flooding and fires.

Dr Jonathan Jarman, medical officer of health for Taranaki District Health Board (TDHB) said there was “no doubt” the climate was changing but he believed the region had enough time to adapt.

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