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70 years of the NHS: a revolution that is reborn every day

25 June 2018 Owen Sheers - The Guardian

The creation of the health service changed Britain. Yet while this vision is under severe threat, it has also never been more keenly cherished.

“In writing To Provide All People, I hoped to create a lyrical bridge between the birth of the most radical and beautiful idea we’ve ever made manifest and the people who embody that idea today: the staff and patients of the National Health Service. Moving between the story of its coming into being in 1948 and personal experiences of the service today, my aspiration was to paint a philosophical and emotional map of our NHS rather than a journalistic or political survey. I wanted to excavate what the idea of healthcare free at the point of delivery means for us as individuals and as a society. What are the patterns of psychological resonance of such a national act of compassion and how has the ethos of the idea informed and formed us, as individuals and as a country?

It is hard to imagine what an equivalent cultural shift would look like today. ”

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