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Physio school better than a med school

6 November 2018 Max Christoffersen - Stuff: Opinion

OPINION: It’s a story that deserved more recognition, more celebration.

It came and went without much ado. Few it seems appreciated the significance of Wintec’s achievement when it won the right to open a new physiotherapy school, the first new physio academic facility to be established in 45 years.

It’s an academic achievement in a medical field that re-establishes academic credibility for Wintec.
After witty sex toy headlines “Wintec spends $28,900 on sex-doll probe”and a backdrop of Wintec mismanagement and governance dysfunction good news was badly needed.

Questions remain unanswered about the overseas activities of chief executive Mark Flowers, who remains on leave while a second review into his activities remains to be completed.

Wintec’s reputation has been shattered. Not even the good news of the new medical faculty could cut through the mess. It should have captured the imagination of the city.

It didn’t.

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