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Workplace culture at SDHB under microscope

19 August 2019 Mike Houlahan - ODT

A range of recent official and anecdotal reports have highlighted workplace culture issues at various Southern District Health Board sites. Health reporter Mike Houlahan asks if one of the region’s largest employers is one of the worst places to work.

This week Otago Daily Times readers learned of claims junior doctors had been “broken” by bullying, favouritism and humiliation during their time in Dunedin Hospital’s gastroenterology department.

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The ODT followed up the article after hearing reader feedback – Toxic workplace claims ‘bang on’:

Claims the Southern District Health Board is a toxic workplace are “bang on”, staff who have contacted the Otago Daily Times say.

Health board employees were reacting to a report in Saturday’s Otago Daily Timeshighlighting several external reviews of the organisation which have raised staffing issues.

“Many staff are tired and exhausted but it’s a case of suck it up or leave,” one staff member said.

“It saddens me that the very institutions that seek to offer healthcare clearly demonstrate they don’t know how to care for or respect their workforce.

“There are pages of emails and concerns but everything gets swept under the carpet and employees are nearly having nervous breakdowns,” another staff member said.

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