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Patient waited 26 hours in Taranaki ED bed before being admitted to ward

31 October 2019 Stephanie Ockhuysen - Stuff

A hectic Labour Weekend in Taranaki’s emergency department saw one patient with pneumonia wait 26 hours in an ED bed before being admitted to a ward.

The situation, which Taranaki District Health Board (TDHB) attributed to an unusually busy weekend in the emergency department (ED) and five staff calling in sick, prompted a medical professional to urge the patient and their family to lay a formal complaint.

The patient, who didn’t want to be named, was told by the staff member that their stay in an ED bed was record-breaking and it wasn’t acceptable for someone to be there for 26 hours when they should be in a ward.

But in a statement, TDHB chief operating officer Gillian Campbell said while patients had a right to complain she would not expect staff to ask them to. She would follow up with staff who worked over the weekend and there would be a “review if required”.

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