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‘When do I get to see the doctor?’ A senior doctor on gender and medicine

16 January 2020 Ellen O'Dwyer - Stuff

After 30 years in the medical profession, Ruth Large is still being asked is she’s the doctor.

Large is an emergency physician working at both Thames and Waikato hospital, she also works as clinical director of information services at Waikato DHB.

She’s got a clinical role in a small rural hospital which she loves, a role in a big emergency department, and the rest of her time is spent looking at digital health care delivery.

Decades on, recent reports have shown disparities still exist between genders in the medical profession.

Results released in November 2019 by the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) showed that female medical specialists are paid on average 12.5 per cent less per hour than their male co-workers.

The study also found the pay gap widened as specialists got older, or if they had children.

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