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The Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) is the professional association and union uniting doctors and dentists in New Zealand.

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More transparency around health funding formula needed

20 August 2018 Media Release - University of Otago

University of Otago researchers are calling for more transparency and dialogue around the formula used to distribute funding between the country’s 20 district health boards, integral to the functioning of the New Zealand health system. In research published today in the New Zealand Medical Journal, investigating the formula through the lens of the print media, the three researchers Professor Robin Gauld, Dr Erin Penno and Aaron Chester say that while the formula is a “lightning rod” for frustrations over financial strains …

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Survey reveals what music Kiwi surgeons listen to theatre

17 August 2018 Newshub

Listening to classic 1980s tunes on the job is a reality for some surgeons. A New Zealand Medical Association survey of surgical staff found music is commonly used in theatre. Ninety-eight percent of staff at an unnamed New Zealand tertiary hospital said music was played in operating theatres during surgery. Half of respondents were happy about the use of music, 23 percent we unhappy and 26 percent were neutral on it. While 1980s music was not the most popular, it …

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Minister under fire over Lumsden Maternity downgrade

17 August 2018 Rachel Kelly - Stuff

Health minister Dr David Clark came under fire in Parliament this week when he said the decision to downgrade the Lumsden Maternity Centre “will result in an overall higher level of services for women in the district.” The Southern District Health Board announced this month it will downgrade the primary birthing unit at Lumsden to a “maternal and child hub” and would also establish one at Wanaka and Te Anau, as part of its Integrated Primary Maternity System of Care. National health spokesman Michael Woodhouse, who …

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Assisted Dying bill “undermines disabled people”

17 August 2018 Nine to Noon - Radio New Zealand

Disabilities Commissioner Paula Tesoriero is strongly opposed to the End of Life Choice bill, being considered by parliament. The Justice Select committee is part way through a nationwide tour,  hearing 3,500 submissions on the bill in person, out of a total of 35,000 written submissions. Paula Tesoriero speaks with Kathryn Ryan. Listen here:

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Proposed euthanasia bill in NZ ‘needs tweaking’

17 August 2018 Nine to Noon - Radio New Zealand

The wording of proposed euthanasia legislation should be tightened to ensure it only applies to the terminally ill, members of an Australian advisory panel say. Parliament’s justice select committee is nearing the end of a nationwide tour hearing submissions on the controversial End of Life Choice Bill. The committee will hear from people at Parliament in Wellington today. Laywer Julian Gardner and disability advocate Tricia Malowney were members of the Victorian Ministerial Advisory Panel which was convened before the state …

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School dental service ‘isn’t working’ as ‘massive sugar epidemic’ ruins Kiwi kids’ teeth

17 August 2018 One News

The New Zealand Dental Association is calling on the Government to fix what they say is an underfunded and under-staffed school dental service. Association President Dr Bill O’Connor, speaking this morning to TVNZ 1’s Breakfast, said New Zealand’s school dental service was once admired worldwide and copied by many, but sugar is now ruining kids’ teeth. “It’s been this bad for many years – it’s just getting worse and worse,” he said. Read more and watch the interview here:

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Missed cancer symptoms prompt overhaul of health boards’ IT systems

16 August 2018 Ruby McAndrews - Stuff

Years of underinvestment is being blamed for the “ageing and fragmented” IT systems used by district health boards (DHBs) nationwide, with the Government eager to move with the times and upgrade crucial systems. Health Minister David Clark has outlined the issue as a priority of his, with a new draft Digital Health Strategy currently in the works. “The Ministry [of Health] is exploring options for co-investment with DHBs, with the intention of accelerating work to address these issues.” His comments come in the wake of a damning report into Wairarapa DHB’s “weak …

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Red for risky as reports awaited on big-ticket IT item for DHBs

15 August 2018 Virginia McMillan - New Zealand Doctor

Health minister David Clark is still awaiting a review that was supposed to give him assurance over DHB technology that has been beset by costly delays. Dr Clark must weigh up a request he has had for more money for the National Oracle Solution, and the Ministry of Health had expected the matter would go to the Cabinet in April. The lack of a Cabinet decision means the project is tagged with a “red” risk status in the latest available ministry IT overview. New …

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New appointments to Waikato and Counties Manukau DHBs

15 August 2018 Media Release - Health Minister David Clark

Health Minister Dr David Clark has announced new appointments to the Waikato and Counties Manukau District Health Boards. Current chair of Bay of Plenty DHB Sally Webb has been appointed chair of Waikato DHB, while former Speaker of the House and law professor Margaret Wilson will bring valuable legal insight to her role as deputy chair. “No one should underestimate the task of governance in our public health service. DHB members play a vital role overseeing the delivery of health …

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Burnout in the medical professions

15 August 2018 Nine to Noon - Radio New Zealand

Physician, heal thyself! How the medical professions, including dentists and vets, are working towards a better understanding of the stress their jobs cause so they can manage and prevent career burnout. Dr Fiona Moir is a Senior Lecturer in Mental Health and Communication Skills — and also a Director of Medical Student Affairs in the medical programme at the University of Auckland. She has done extensive research into burnout – how to spot it, prevent it and manage it. Her …

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