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The Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) is the professional association and union uniting doctors and dentists in New Zealand.

  • The path to patient centred care

The path to patient centred care

Welcome to the ASMS page for patient centred care.

Patient centred care is at the heart of what our members do. We will be adding publications, videos and articles about patient centred care as they become available.



Workforce shortage


Understanding New Zealand’s health spend

Much has been said about the unsustainability of New Zealand’s public health spend – but is it true? Lyndon Keene, ASMS Director of Policy and Research, examines the claims and dispels the myths in a series of short videos.

Reality check

More on the myth of unsustainable health spending:

More on New Zealand’s health expenditure:

Projections on health spending

More on multinational corporation tax avoidance:

The positive economic impact of health expenditure 

More on the positive economic effects of government spending:

The benefits of health spending for individuals and communities

More on the effects of health services on premature mortality rates:

The consequences for New Zealand of failing to invest adequately in public health 

More on OECD health status indicators (note: some figures have been updated for the video):

Presenteeism and burnout in the senior medical workforce

In the past year ASMS has published two ground-breaking pieces of research into presenteeism and burnout among New Zealand’s senior medical workforce.  Principal Analyst Dr Charlotte Chambers explains the main findings of this research in two short videos below.

Superheroes don’t take sick leave

The full ASMS report on presenteeism in New Zealand’s senior medical workforce is available at

Tired worn out and uncertain

The full ASMS report on burnout in New Zealand’s senior medical workforce is available at


Patient centred care improving quality and safety – issue 1

Why is patient centred care so important – issue 2

The time barrier – issue 3

Making time for patient centred care – issue 4

Health Dialogue – Discussion on the potential benefits of patient centred care and what needs to happen to truly achieve it

Workforce Shortages




Assessing medical specialists shortages: an overview


Forensic pathology

Despatches from the front line