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The Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) is the professional association and union uniting doctors and dentists in New Zealand.

Honourable Theft

Other News25 September 2018

How one young woman broke down the gates of knowledge. Never underestimate the power of one determined person. What Carole Cadwalladr has done to Facebook and Big Data and Edward Snowden has done to the state security complex, the young Kazakhstani scientist Alexandra Elbakyan has done to the multi-billion dollar industry that traps knowledge behind paywalls. Her pirate webscraper service, Sci-hub, has done more than any government to tackle one of the biggest rip-offs of the modern era: the capture …

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Health and Disability Commissioner media release

Other News21 September 2018

The Health and Disability Commissioner is concerned by the disregard for consumer rights outlined in a recent NZ Medical Journal article reporting on the experiences of 14 University of Auckland medical students in 2016. The article reports that the 14 students carried out sensitive examinations of consumers without their consent.  The article reported that this was done under the supervision of senior doctors in unnamed locations. Other health practitioners may have been present during these examinations. Health and Disability Commissioner …

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Senior doctors ask Minister to put pathology back on short supply list

ASMS News20 September 2018

The senior doctors’ union has asked the Minister for Economic Development, David Parker, to reverse his Ministry’s decision to remove pathology from the Government’s list of essential skills in short supply. “Removing pathology from this list is a mistake and just piles more pressure onto a workforce already under stress,” says Ian Powell, Executive Director of the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS). “It’s also likely to affect a wide range of other health services which depend on an effective …

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It’s hard for doctors to unlearn things. That’s costly for all of us.

Other News19 September 2018

We know it can be hard to persuade physicians to do some things that have proven benefits, such as monitor blood pressure or keep patients on anticoagulants. But it might be even harder to get them to stop doing things. In May, a systematic review in JAMA Pediatrics looked at the medical literature related to overuse in pediatric care published in 2016. The articles were ranked by the quality of methods; the magnitude of potential …

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Senior doctors welcome Government’s recognition of importance of public health service

ASMS News19 September 2018

The senior doctors’ union has welcomed the Government’s recognition of the importance of universal public health services and the need for further improvements. “Our public hospitals and other publicly-funded health services are as essential today as they were 80 years ago when the 1938 Social Security Act came into being,” says Ian Powell, Executive Director of the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS). He was commenting on Health Minister David Clark’s acknowledgement of 80 years of public health services (

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